Sunday, April 13, 2014

Matzah crack

For most of my childhood, passover was always associated with mediocre desserts.  During this 8 day long jewish holiday, we are not supposed to consume leavened goods (no yeast, baking powder, baking soda etc).  When it comes to desserts, many people approach it by trying to modify existing recipes they like, to make them kosher for pesach – for example substituting flour for matzah meal, or alternatively just purchasing pre-made desserts (like these weird fruit slices that are at every seder). <link>.

However throughout my baking adventures I’ve started noticing a number of delicious recipes I make throughout the year that would be kosher for Passover  in their original state– for example macarons (how have Jewish bakeries not noticed this, it seems like a giant market waiting to happen!).  While I’ve built up a list of delicious kosher for passover recipes I might make all year (I’ll share these at some point), there is one Passover recipe that should be a must for every household. 

Matzah Crack.  I somehow was not introduced to this easy, amazing, addictive, delicious dessert until college..  I don’t know the origin of this recipe, as it appears all over the internet, but if there is anyone out there that has not tried this yet, then you are really missing out.  Seriously, you should just go make a tray now.  I’ve heard it is delicious with saltines too, if you are not a matzah house hold.

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