Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brownie Bites

These are some of the most addictive chocolaty treats I have made. The first time I made them, I found myself eating way too many, and just couldn't stop myself (it starts with just one for breakfast... then a snack... then its the end of the day and you've eaten 8). So I packed them up and gave them out at school. But then two days later, all I wanted was more brownie bites, so of course I made them again. DANGEROUS.

 I'd had the original recipe bookmarked for a while to try, it was actually meant to make cookies. I usually intend to make recipes exactly as written the first time, but I couldn't stop myself and made a few changes... The first few came out, in cookie form, and were ok, but sort of a confusing texture and flavor for a cookie. I then baked the rest in the mini muffin tins, and a masterpiece was made. These are soft and chocolatey and melt in your mouth, with just a hint of espresso. If you have enjoyed brownie bites from places like Trader Joes, these are better. I recommend you make some soon. And of course try some of the delicious batter in the process. And they try to give them away rapidly, before you eat 2 dozen yourself.

The Fudgy (chai/mocha optional) brownie

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