British American baking "equivalents"

My start of equivalents for American's baking in the UK.  I will add to this as I continue to bake abroad!
(Let me know if you have additions or questions about anything!)

American                British...
Bread Flour  == Strong white flour
Baking Soda == Bicarbonate of Soda
Corn Syrup   == Golden syrup
Molasses      == (Lyle's) Black treacle
Shortening    == Stork, Flora - there are a few brands of vegetable shortening near the butters.

Chocolate Chips? Your best bet is to find a chocolate bar you like and chop it up (or import them).  Costco has just started selling larger bags of chocolate chips, so hopefully this is a continuing trend, and soon they will be plentiful here!

Butter measurements: (This site is the best for butter conversions!)
1 Tb of butter       == 14 grams
1/2 stick of butter == 1/4 cup == 56 grams
1 stick of butter    == 1/2 cup == 113 grams
2 sticks of butter   == 1 cup == 226 grams

Oven Temperatures
325 f == 163 c
350 f == 176 c
375 f == 190 c
400 f == 205 c

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